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At present, the College offers two undergraduate programmes, one top-up programme, seven Associate degree programmes and one Higher Diploma programme to impart relevant scientific knowledge and skills to students and lay a solid foundation for future study and employment。The school employs more than 30 senior full-time faculty members with doctoral or master degrees from Hong Kong, Mainland China, the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, Korea, Spain, France and Canada, making it a multicultural international team。In addition to academic programs, the School also hosts a variety of academic programs, including:

  • Various international language proficiency tests, such as national Putonghua Proficiency Test (PSC), Spanish (DELE), Korean (KLAT) and French (TCF);
  • Designated English courses for all students;
  • Summer English enhancement activities, such as English Grammar and Drama Camps;
  • Ielts International English Proficiency Test preparation class。

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The College of Humanities warmly welcomes you。

The humanities play an extremely important role in higher education。 The ultimate goal of humanistic education is to inspire students to have a conscious understanding of their existence as human beings in the universe, to realize that they are not only unique individuals, but also a member of the group society, so as to explore and realize their innate potential and develop a perfect self-reflective life。 The ideal of humanistic education seems far away, but as educators, we will never forget that teaching and learning are only meaningful if we yearn for this ideal。 Although the school offers few traditional humanities courses, we do provide students with the key to intellectual understanding, interpersonal communication, and creative thinking: language。

It currently offers two BACHELOR of Arts programmes, one top-up degree programme, seven Associate degree programmes and one Higher Diploma programme。副學士課程主要是提高學生在公眾或跨文化溝通中的語言能力;而高級文憑課程則旨在培養學生的視覺創造力。We plan to offer more bachelor degree programmes in different areas in the future to cater for the development of the College。

Our approximately 35 full-time faculty members are from Canada, China, France, Japan, Korea, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States。Although they come from different countries and have diverse cultural backgrounds, they are all professional teaching staff who bring their strengths to the best of their respective fields and work together to form a trusted team focusing on the changes that have a profound impact on students and the surrounding environment。

I was privileged to be the first dean of the School of Humanities at a critical stage in its development。The College is committed to becoming a leading private university dedicated to providing young people with a quality education that inspires them to pursue excellence in their chosen path。It is therefore my responsibility to help the College realize its vision。In the tradition of the Language and Communication Division, the School of Humanities offers popular and practical courses, supported by an efficient, attentive and helpful administration, and a dedicated and knowledgeable teaching staff。I am confident that the Faculty of Humanities will be one of the most enjoyable and enjoyable places to teach and research, with its long tradition, commitment and support from the University of Wollongong。

Professor Xian Jingju
Dean of Humanities

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